Cate Sandilands

“I think everything has value, absolute value, a child, a house, a day’s work, the sky. But nothing will save us. We were never meant to be saved.”
“What were we meant for then?”
“To love the whole damned world.”

– Jane Rule, Desert of the Heart (1964)

Catriona (Cate) Sandilands is Professor of Environmental Studies at York University

HNES 251                                     (416) 736 2100 x.70178
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario               
CANADA   M3J 1P3            

Areas of Research:
environmental humanities and ecocriticism; environmental public cultures and biopolitics; queer, trans* and feminist ecologies; critical plant studies; biocultural diversity and multispecies cohabitation

Current projects:
A Very Queer Citizen: Jane Rule’s Public Lives