Invited Lectures

In Progress “Outlander: Jane Rule’s Public Lives,” Lansdowne Public Lecture, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, March 2016.
In Progress “Combustion,” Invited Presentation, Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities Roundtable, Modern Languages Association, Austin, TX, January 2016.
2015 “Some ‘F’ Words for the Environmental Humanities: Feralities, Feminisms, Futurities,” Invited Presentation, Mellon Sawyer Seminar, UCLA, June.
2015 “In a Vegetal Time and Space: Queering Multispecies Politics,” Invited Public Lecture, for the University of British Columbia, “Queer U,” February.
2014 “Botanically Queer: Plants, Sex, and Biopolitics,” Invited Public Lecture, Institute for for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, University of British Columbia, October.
2014 “Vital Feminist Matters,” Invited Keynote Panel Presentation, Association for Literature, Environment and Culture in Canada, Thunder Bay, ON, August.
2014 “Encountering Plants: Entanglements and Embodiments,” Invited Keynote Address, “Ecological Bodies” Symposium, University of Illinois, Champaign, May.
2014 “Botanically Queer,” Invited Public Lecture, Columbia University, New York, March.
2014 “Imagining Communities in the Anthropocene: Multi-species Relationships,” Invited Consultant/Presenter, Humanities and the Environment Workshop, Arizona State University, February.
2013 “Botanical Sensations: Plants, Politics, and Literatures of Vegetal Encounter,” Invited Keynote Address for the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (UKI), University of Surrey, Guildford UK, August.
2013 “Jane Rule’s Body Politic,” Invited Roundtable Presentation for The Body Politic, part of Gay Premises: Radical Voices in the Archives, 1973-1983, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Toronto, June.
2013 “Building the Environmental Humanities,” Invited Roundtable Presentation, Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (US), Lawrence KS, May.
2013 “Vegetal Politics in the Rouge Park,” Invited Presentation for “Urban Forestries and Political Ecologies,” University of Toronto, April.
2013 “Queer/Ecology,” Invited Seminar Presentation for the Technoscience Salon, University of Toronto, January.
2012 “Pro/polis? Bees, Labour and Public Life in Bee Journal,” Invited Workshop Paper for “Underground Ecocriticism,” Western University, London ON, November.
2012 “Dog Stranglers in the National Park: Ecology and Politics in the Rouge Valley,” Invited Keynote Address, Canadian Association of Geographers (Ontario), University of Toronto Scarborough, October.
2011 “From Queer Eye to Queer Ecology,” Invited Lecture, New York University, Pride Month Celebrations, October.
2011 (with Michael Morris) “Eco Homo: Queering Bodies, Queering Sustainability,” Invited Keynote Performance, Staging Sustainability, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University, April 2011.
2011 “Queer Eye? Heteronaturativity and its Discontents,” Invited Lecture, Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University, April.
2011 “A State of Nature? National Parks and English Canadian Nationalism,” Invited Public Lecture, Canadian Studies Program, York University, March.
2011 “Queer Eye: Unthinking Heteronaturativity,” Invited Symposium Lecture, “Cross-Cultural Ecocriticism(s): Waves and Undertows,” Rutgers University, February.
2011 “On Jane Rule: Queer Publics and Counterpublics,” Invited Lecture, Public Texts Program (Department of English), Trent University, February.
2010 “Fantasies and Fires: Islandscapes from Galiano to Silver Bush,” Invited Plenary
Presentation, Lucy Maud Montgomery Institute Ninth Biennial International Conference, University of Prince Edward Island, June.
2010 “What Should Mr. Harper Read? Environmental Literature at the Apocalypse,” Invited Keynote Lecture, Professional Writers’ Association of Canada, Toronto, June.
2010 “Apocalyptic Pleasures? Constituting Environmental Publics from Carson to McCarthy,” Invited Lecture, Public Texts Program (Department of English), Trent University, February.