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Books and Monographs:

In progress Plantasmagoria: Plants and the Politics of Urban Habitat (for Routledge, Environmental Humanities Series)
In progress A Very Queer Citizen: Jane Rule’s Public Lives (for the University of British Columbia Press, manuscript to be submitted Fall, 2015)
2002 “This Land Has Called Forth from You Your Strength as a Lesbian”: A Separatist Ecology? (Toronto: Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto, Research Monograph #5). 50 pp.
1999 The Good-Natured Feminist: Ecofeminism and the Quest for Democracy (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press). 245 pp.

Edited Books and Journal Issues:

In review (with E. Soper and A. Di Battista) Green Words / Green Worlds: Environmental Literatures and Politics (for Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Environmental Humanities Series).
2010 (with B. Erickson), Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire (Bloomington: Indiana University Press). 402 pp.
2009 TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. Guest editor, Special Issue, “Nature Matters,” No. 21. Spring.
2004 (with M. Hessing and R. Raglon). This Elusive Land: Women and the Canadian Environment (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press). 386 pp.
2001 (with S. MacGregor). Women and Environments (WE) International, Special Issue, “Ecofeminism: Conversations for a New Millennium,” No. 52/53 (Fall).